Consultation & Programs

Dr. Bauman works with individuals and families to unravel complex, chronic health issues, and teach and support them to activate their health with well chosen diets, herbs, supplements and self-care practices. 

Individual Consultation and Programs

We offer a wide range of services to help you find the missing piece to your health puzzle.

Commit to Be Well

• 6 month Program of customized education and support to overcome chronic illness, addictions and eating disorders weekly email reporting, bi-monthly telecommunication. Monthly diet, supplement,  lifestyle, attitude, coping skills, and self-healing practice  education and support.


Comprehensive Health Evaluation 

• In person or via telecommunication
 • Review of medical records, lab reports, diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications
 • Research into natural health options for recovery and rejuvenation
 • Written recommendations provided

$345 for Evaluation

No setup fee
Jump Start Cleanse

• 30 Day program
 • Supervised cleanse and tune up of body, mind and spirit 
 • For individuals, families and groups
custom menu, educational materials plus weekly 30 minute teleconferences.


Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation 
2nd Opinion on Integrative Medical Program


Brief Consultation and 
Follow Ups

$90/half hour

Metabolic Assessments

• Food Sensitivity Testing • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
 • Hormone Balance  • Autoimmune Assessment
 • Environmental Pollutants and Organic Acids  • Bauman Wellness Profile
 • Bauman Inflammation Profile

Tell Us What 
You need

Email us with your curiosity and needs and Dr. Ed will contact you directly.

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